Faculty of Communications

With 50 years of tradition in preparing the best communications professionals of our country, the Faculty of Communications is located, since March 2001, in a modern building erected on the Central Campus of our university (Alameda 340, Santiago).


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The mission of the Faculty of Communications is to teach and research the wide range of areas related with media and communications. The faculty also seeks to encourage, among its undergraduate and postgraduate students, the cultural enrichment and the understanding and development of new forms of communication. All this development occurs in the light of the strong ethical principles of our university.


Our Faculty comprises two academic units:

The School of Journalism and the Institute of Media Studies.


The School of Journalism is currently fully accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, ACEJMC.


Our academic offer comprises different options, in undergraduate as well as in postgraduate studies


Undergraduate programs:

Bachelor degree in Social Communication leading to two professional outlets:

a) degree in Journalism

b) degree in Audiovisual Direction

c) degree in Publicity (Advertising)


Public Accountability - ACEJMC

Retention rates in Journalism by year of enrollment

The percentages below indicate the retention rates of entering first-year students who major in Journalism.

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Graduation rates in Journalism by year of enrollment and year of graduation

The graduation rates below indicate the percentage of Journalism majors who graduated with that same major in five or more years.

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 Last updated July 29, 2014.

Graduate programs:

a) Master in Social Communication with a mention in Communication and Education

b) Master in Social Communication with a mention in Printed Journalism

c) Master in Strategic Communication



a) Diploma in Corporate Communication

b) Diploma in Screenwriting

c) Diploma in Audience Studies

d) Diploma in Executive production

e) Diploma in Digital contents

f) Diploma in Educational communications´strategies

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